A Complete Health Dentist Talks Gum Health and Your Respiratory System

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Many are surprised to learn that the health of the gums plays a major role in the health of the respiratory system, but complete health dentists are urging people to become educated on the subject. Oral-systemic connections are the main focus of complete health dentists because they want to ensure that their patients maintain good periodontal health, which results in a healthier body.

As it relates to the health of the respiratory system specifically, it can be helpful to get familiar with the role that the gums play. Doing so urges patients to take better care of their gums and oral cavity. 

Understanding how the health of the gums relates to the respiratory system

When the gums are in an unhealthy state, the result can be damaging to the oral cavity and the entire body. While a minor case of gum disease is unlikely to cause other health problems, moderate and major cases are a different story. When the gums become so severely infected that the entire oral cavity is impacted, there is a risk of developing other health problems, such as a respiratory disease. 

The relationship

Respiratory diseases are extremely dangerous and should always be a cause for concern, especially as they relate to gum disease. When the oral cavity is infected from a case of gum disease, the upper respiratory system is automatically at risk because bacteria can easily be transmitted. Individuals are surprised to learn that simply coughing, sneezing, swallowing or even speaking can cause a respiratory disease as a result of gum disease. When any of the above actions take place while gum disease is present, the bacteria may end up in the upper respiratory tract, which can lead to detrimental conditions. 

A simple breathing action does not automatically mean a respiratory disease is present, but there is a chance, especially if the bacteria begin to multiply. When bacteria begin to spread in any area of the respiratory system, there is more of a chance that COPD or pneumonia will develop, both of which can result in permanent damage or even death. 

Because the risk is so high, it is necessary to regularly see a complete health dentist who can perform preventive measures to ensure good periodontal health. Additionally, routine examinations are done to check for any warning signs that may indicate a problem with the respiratory system or other parts of the body as a result of poor gum health. Complete health dentists work with medical physicians to ensure that patients receive comprehensive healthcare.

Consult with a complete health dentist

When looking for more information about the relationship between the gums and the respiratory system, it is best to consult with a complete health dentist. Any outstanding questions or concerns can be appropriately addressed, which can be helpful when curious about oral-systemic connections. Reach out today to get started with a consultation!

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