Effective Distraction Techniques to Soothe Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Minnetonka, MN

Dental anxiety can be grueling for many, resulting in fear, nervousness and a lot of worrying. However, with the right distractions, patients can remain calm and collected throughout their appointment or procedure. Remaining calm throughout any type of dental appointment can be quite helpful for both the patient and the dentist, as it avoids delayed times or restraint. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most effective distraction techniques. 

Soothe dental anxiety with these distraction techniques

Outlined below are a few distraction techniques that can be used in order to soothe dental anxiety. Review the following information when struggling with dental anxiety.

Breathing exercises

A lot of dentists recommend breathing exercises to help combat dental anxiety. This technique is one that requires the patient to focus on their breathing pattern. Breathing techniques are used commonly in dentistry, as well as other fields of medicine, such as physiotherapy. Some of the specifics include counting breaths, taking deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly, etc. 

Listen to music

Another distraction technique that can be used to help with dental anxiety is to listen to music. Music often induces feelings of calmness, which can be used to distract and soothe anxious patients. Dentists recommend bringing headphones and a device that can be used to play music. So long as the device and headphones do not get in the way of the dentist's work, listening to music should not be a problem. 

Bring someone to talk to

Having a family member or friend come to the dental appointment can be helpful in easing nerves. This distraction technique works by allowing the patient to have someone familiar to talk to throughout the appointment. Aside from providing a distraction, patients also often feel more secure or comfortable when someone they know is by their side. Comfort and security are both important for those suffering from dental anxiety. 

Talk with the dentist

Another common distraction technique that combats dental anxiety is simply talking to the dentist. A lot of dental professionals will try to talk to the patient throughout the appointment or procedure in order to ease their nerves. Talking about daily life or even the procedure itself can be helpful for an anxious patient.

Watch a movie

Some dental offices have televisions above the dental chair, which can be helpful in providing a distraction. Movies are a great way to remain distracted throughout the entirety of a dental appointment or procedure. In the event that a television is not present, talking with the dentist about bringing an iPad or tablet to watch a movie on is a good idea. 

Find out more from the dentist

Individuals that want to learn more about staying distracted during a dental appointment should consult directly with the dentist. Specialized information can be provided, and any questions or concerns can be addressed. Reach out today to find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment!

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