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Invisible braces combine the convenience of teeth trays with the sturdiness of braces. The result is a transparent orthodontic appliance that takes the unique shape of an individual’s teeth, with a slight variation.

The near-perfect fit of invisible braces is by design. A dentist designs these teeth aligners such that they apply steady but gentle pressure to specific teeth. This pressure can only happen if the aligners sit in a way that forces the teeth to adjust their positions to fit comfortably inside the trays. When the aligners become a perfect fit, the wearer knows that it is time to swap to a new set. This dental solution can work for many patients with a variety of alignment issues.

Why are invisible braces popular?

ClearCorrect® aligners are made of thin, clear plastic, making them all but invisible to the naked eye. It also helps that they are form-fitting, unlike the bulky shape of traditional braces. Because invisible braces like ClearCorrect® take the form of tooth trays, they are removable. A dentist will direct a patient to take off the braces as they eat or clean their mouth.

However, the fact that invisible braces work just like traditional braces has to be the most important selling point of ClearCorrect®. For the person who wants to straighten their teeth without announcing it to the whole world, invisible braces sound like a great option. Does that mean that a dentist will recommend them to everyone?

ClearCorrect® invisible braces work for people with mild to moderate orthodontic issues

A patient with a small overbite or underbite may be a good candidate for invisible braces. So is a patient with a mild case of crowding or gapped teeth. Invisible braces can also correct a mild or moderate crossbite. Anything more serious will likely require a different course of treatment.

Invisible braces are not designed to correct orthodontic issues that have their origins in the jaw

If a patient’s overbite is the result of an underdeveloped lower jaw, ClearCorrect® cannot effectively correct the problem. A dentist will recommend an orthodontic appliance that will resize or reshape the lower jaw. In some scenarios, the dentist will correct the shape and size of both jaws. The same logic holds for all bad bites that happen as a result of a jaw that is either underdeveloped or unusually large.

Invisible braces cannot correct severe overcrowding that results from too many teeth

Some people have teeth that grow on top of each other. This could happen when a milk tooth fails to fall out or when the jaw is far too narrow. Patients with this level of crowding may need tooth extraction procedures or appliances that resize and reshape the jaw.

Invisible braces cannot correct jaw deformities

Some patients have congenital malformations that affect the alignment of their teeth. Where possible, a dentist will use appliances like headgear and jaw expanders to correct such faults. However, some jaw defects require corrective jaw surgery followed by orthodontic treatment.

Our dentist offers the highest standard of care

Make an appointment to see our dentist if you have poor teeth alignment. They have years of experience correcting bad bites to create stunning smiles. Our dentist will put your oral health first and as such will recommend a course of treatment that puts your long-term oral health above other considerations. If they recommend invisible braces as a treatment, you can be confident that this is an appropriate option for you.

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